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Stacey Marie Logo Design: New Salon in Newton, MA

Logo Design

Who is Stacey

"Ever since I was little, I always had this passion and desire to be around makeup."

Stacey has spent her life dreaming about being a small business owner and doing what she loves the most. She had spent many years studying and going to school for cosmetology.

The Logo Design

Stacey had contacted me through a Women in Business Network group to design her logo. I set up a call with her so that we can discuss her logo design project, she was prepared and already had a very simplistic logo design in mind. We had a few phone call chats where we discussed her color theme, style and design. After our call I sketched out a few simple layouts so that she could nail down layout and style. After that I was able to perfect the lines and add color.

Stacey Marie Is Open for Business

I am so happy to see another woman in business slaying the Beauty World.

Stacey has opened up her own shop at:

Stacey Marie

150 California Street Suite 205

Newton, MA 02458


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